How Do You Challenge A DUI Charge?

The right DUI defense depends on your situation, but there are several common ways to approach challenging a DUI charge. At Ritter & Edwards, we draw on a wide range of strategies to successfully defend clients against DUI charges. Here are some questions we might explore to determine a defense strategy:

  • Did the police officer have probable cause to pull you over in the first place? If not, we may be able to question whether the stop itself was proper.
  • Was the field sobriety test properly administered? If the test wasn't conducted properly, the prosecution may not be able to use the results as evidence.
  • Were the results of the breath test accurate? Breathalyzers are not always reliable. If a device was not calibrated correctly, the results may not be accurate.
  • Could medication have affected your blood alcohol content? In some cases, your BAC could be over the limit due to prescription medication that you did not believe would impair you in anyway.

One of our top priorities is protecting your rights. If a law enforcement office violated your civil rights in any way, this could factor into your defense.

We Will Find The Defense Strategy That Works For Your Case

Each case is different. We will analyze the facts of your case and find the best possible defense strategy against the charges you are facing. With two experienced defense attorneys on your side, you will benefit from two different perspectives on your case.

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